What to wear on your Engagement, Couple or Family Photos

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What to wear for your Engagement, Couples, Family Portraits

The clothing you wear for your portraits are just as important to the final image of your portraits as the location and lighting.  The majority of the time clothing isn’t an issue until it is.   Someone wears something that makes their clothing the subject of the image, something that is unflattering to them.

Here’s my list on how to look the best for your portrait session and choose the best outfits.

Choose muted clothing that wont be overly bright or distracting.
Choose simular tones (dark/light) for your tops and bottoms.
Wear solid colors, no patterns.
Stick to 1-3 simular colors that go together.  Think same color pallet.
Wear slimmer (not tight) clothes that don’t bunch or are baggy.
Wear your hair how you normally would in your outfits.
Keep the jewelry on the simple side.

If you follow these steps you and whoever else is in the images should look amazing and be set up to get amazing portraits.


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