My Photography Inspiration From Film (Part One)

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So everyone always ask what inspires me as a photographer.  One of the biggest inspirations is films.  Visually stunning films!  There are so many great movies out there and some of them not so great but just have amazing cinematography, directors of photography and great directors who know composition and what looks great on camera!

2001 a space odyssey is my all time favorite movie at this.  I could probably post 40 pictures from this movie and maybe I will at a later date.  Here’s a few right now so you can get a since to what I am talking about.

So I’ll start this with a few shots from 2001:7-moonsun-monolith1 44-breaking-in1

26-running-away1 34-in-hall1


The Landscape Portrait

Today I want to look at what I call the Landscape Portrait, which is lovely portraits set with amazing landscapes.  I’ve grouped them out a few ways which best categorize the different Landscape Portraits out there.  If anyone has any screen grabs to add or suggestion please message me because I’d love to see more!

This is going to be an image heavy blog post but these stunning shots are what always inspires me to keep taking photos.

Also another warning
Before you get mad and say I am stealing ideas, well everyone steals ideas.  That’s pretty much what inspiration is.  Here’s an amazing video about how everything from music to movies has been copied because art inspires other artist.

Here’s a great video called Everything is a Remix part 2.  I suggest go and watch all 4 parts because they are really eye opening.

Glad we got that out of the way and I hope you have a better understand of artistic influences.

Back on Track

I’m starting off with 2 photos I took along with a screen grab from a movie that I have copied a few times again and again.

Now here’s one from a The Assassination of Jessie James that has a very similar set up.  The Assassination of Jessie James has excellent photography throughout and used title lens cameras and effects to achieve many of the shots.  I love using this screen shot as inspiration for my work!


Here’s a few that also are set up very similar.  Notice the use of the sun/light in the background.





Now here’s some where the person is exposed way to dark making them a silhouettes.

MP9fMzRtHE1GuDI48XWhe7Z0HsG750LK5A2 7Z0HsG7 MSljQDV xQ4s2Jk CnGLORm Gj31i4c SVQhY6a ZKJciDs Tfd7fWu UnYjzYJ 7S99iWG BPUmGBw lORotO9


Now here’s some that are more of landscapes with people in them.



Besides the sun in the background the use of smoke/fog really ads to a lot of them.  I’m thinking if I should get a smoke machine for my photography :)

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