What to wear on your Engagement, Couple or Family Photos

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What to wear for your Engagement, Couples, Family Portraits

The clothing you wear for your portraits are just as important to the final image of your portraits as the location and lighting.  The majority of the time clothing isn’t an issue until it is.   Someone wears something that makes their clothing the subject of the image, something that is unflattering to them. Read More

National Gallery of Art, Washington DC Couples Pictures

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I had the pleasure to photograph two awesome people who I’m lucky to say are my friends.  We met on a rainy day that kept us inside and sort of cut down on the area we could use but luckily the National Gallery of Art located right on the national mall in Washington DC has plenty of amazing settings.  Here’s a few of my favorite.


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My Photography Inspiration From Film (Part One)

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So everyone always ask what inspires me as a photographer.  One of the biggest inspirations is films.  Visually stunning films!  There are so many great movies out there and some of them not so great but just have amazing cinematography, directors of photography and great directors who know composition and what looks great on camera!

2001 a space odyssey is my all time favorite movie at this.  I could probably post 40 pictures from this movie and maybe I will at a later date.  Here’s a few right now so you can get a since to what I am talking about.

So I’ll start this with a few shots from 2001:7-moonsun-monolith1 44-breaking-in1

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Fairfax Va Engagement Portraits

Here’s a few engagement pictures I took right outside Washington DC in Fairfax VA.  Juhi and Puneet where an amazing couple who grew up in the Fairfax area but now reside in PA.  They are both super sweet and were great to work with.  I’m going to have some prints made of this engagement shoot before their wedding.  I’ll post them here before their wedding.

Fairfax VA Engagement Portraits (1 of 14)Here’s a quick testimonial Juhi and Puneet gave me.

Brett is a wonderful photographer. He is super easy to get along, takes his time, and creates beautiful pictures.  He focuses on the couple and takes unique and varied shots. I am very pleased with his work and made a wonderful collage of photographs for my wedding.  I would definitely work with him again!

Fairfax VA Engagement Portraits Updated

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Fine Art at Great Falls VA

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In the Washington DC area one of the summer past time events is to go to Great Falls Park and watch kayakers brave the rapids, climb down on some rocks, and go hiking.  Everyone has the same Great Falls rapid pictures and cliff pictures so I wanted to do something a little different on a recent trip.

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Prints and Portfolios

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If you never gotten anything printed before you are really missing out.  I have a bunch of my work printed out in my portfolio, a ton of 5x7s and even some 24x36s that are hanging in my condo.  Here’s a look at a few pages of may 14x 20 all black print studio portfolio.

Washington DC Photography-8
Washington DC Photography-19Click below to see what’s in the portfolio.

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Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument Engagement Photos

Laura and Patrick are newly weds that got married last year but never got any engagement photos.  They told me they met working at the Senate building in Washington DC.  Well it happens right now the Capital is under construction so the next best thing was the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.  Two places everyone in Washington DC most likely sees just about everyday (at least the Monument).

After a little research it turns out these two locations are the backdrop for hundreds and hundreds of engagement photos which left me wondering how I could make these stand out from the crowd and how I could make Patrick and Laura happy.  I did my research and had a few good ideas and this is how they came out.

Lincoln Memorial Engagement Portraits

Lincoln Memorial Engagement Portraits – Washington DC Wedding Photography

Lincoln Memorial Engagement Portraits (15 of 33)


Laura and Patrick were nice enough to give me this great testimonial.

Brett Ludeke is a great photographer! His professionalism, skill and artistic eye were all very much appreciated during our photo shoot. In fact, his photos exceeded our expectations and are pictures we’ll cherish for years to come. We had a vague idea about what kinds of pictures we wanted but we knew we wanted to be near the DC monuments. Brett came prepared with ideas about different photo locations near the monuments, making the experience completely stress-free. He is also a very friendly guy and instantly put us at ease. Friends and colleagues have made comments that the pictures belong in a magazine, and truly, that is how we feel! We would hire him again and have absolutely no reservations about recommending him to our friends!

Check out more of the great testimonials that have been coming in!

Click below to see more pictures of the engagement shoot and contact me if you’d like your own pictures at the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.
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Jenny & Yong’s Engagement Photos

Here’s a handful of amazing photos of a lovely couple I had the pleasure of working with.  Jenny and Yom are great people and have the most polite little daughter who I got in a few pictures.  This was shot just 30mins outside of Washington DC for the couples engagement pictures and save the date pictures.   They were also nice enough to give me a testimonial and also nice enough to take me to dinner and buy me a few beers!

Here’s the testimonial from Jenny and Yong.

To be honest, engagement photos can be pretty awkward—you have to show intimacy in a setting that’s been planned, in front of someone you just met. Brett made the experience so easy. He had a location in mind, the right time of day to shoot, and just enough direction to get us set up without making us feel posed and stiff. He was friendly and professional, and was wonderful to work with. It was a great experience all-around! His photos are amazing—we highly recommend working with him!


Jenny Wedding Engagement Photography (15 of 16) Jenny Wedding Engagement Photography (12 of 16)

Check out more pictures in the blog

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Blair and Charlie’s Engagement Photos

I got a chance to shoot take the engagement photos for Blair and Charlie’s wedding next January in California.  They mentioned right when they got to the park in Fairfax, Va, that they were worried about not looking natural and being stiff in front of the camera.  Once the camera turned on they must have forgot about any nervousness because every photo I took, they looked great in.   Here’s a few pictures from their engagement pictures.

Engagement Photo Burke Lake Park

Engagement Photo Burke Lake Park


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MMA Fighters Portraits

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I got a chance to take pictures of fighters after their MMA fights.  I was hoping to get some good pictures of some fresh bruising and cuts but all these fighters looked like it was a pretty easy day for them.   Either way I think the pictures came out great and I love the super shallow depth of field on the close ups.  I’m definitely going to be using this set up in future shots.

Portraits2008 BLOG (4 of 9) Portraits2008 BLOG (5 of 9)

Click below to see some other shots of this awesome series.

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